Lex – +20% production gain, -40% energy saving at a group of fields in Western Siberia, Russia

+20% production gain, -40% energy saving at a group of fields in Western Siberia, Russia

There is the case of successful mass implementation of Ultra-High-Speed ESP Systems (UHS ESP™) at a group of fields in Western Siberia. The project was targeted to produce oil and gas safely and efficiently and to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). From the beginning of the project the total number of installations exceeds 300 units.

+20% production gain, -40% energy saving at a group of fields in Western Siberia, Russia


Fields’ reservoirs are found at 6,900–8,200 ft TVD (2,100–2,500 m TVD). Oil wells are drilled from well pads, ESP friendly deviated along 8,860–11,500 ft MD (2,700-3,500 m MD) and completed with 7″ (177,8 mm) and 6.61″ (168 mm) API Casing. Downhole temperatures are ranging between 176 and 212 °F (80–100 °C).

The following complicating factors stalled to reach the production measures:

After doing research and detailed analysis, we proposed installing several models of Ultra-High-Speed ESPs with a nameplate operating speed of 10,000 rpm:

Upon every phase of technology deployment the client evaluated obtained results. They were found stable and consistent with prior results, allowing to development of a solid economic model.

Since 2016 UHS ESPTM systems are approved for use in group of fields under Lex engineering support and supervision. 

We centrally managed the monthly delivery of equipment for installation or maintenance between the field base and the main repair facility. Also, we rejected the field workshop construction due to the compact design of the UHS ESPTM system and minimum on-site preparation requirements. 

The obtained results proved the high potential of Lex UHS ESPTMs to optimize production and provide operational advantages in harsh well conditions.

UHS ESPTM advantages vs. standard equipment

Implementation of Lex Ultra-High-Speed (UHS ESPTM) technology is increasing despite oil prices drop and OPEC+ 2020-2021 restrictions. For today, we installed more than 500 units at offshore and onshore projects worldwide.

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