Lex Energy Saving UHS ESP to optimize production and operational

-70% energy saving UHS ESP, -50% total cost of ownership economy at field in Republic of the Congo, Central Africa

The project in the Republic of the Congo, Central Africa is the place, where we have conducted one of our most successful optimizations projects. The field has high sand and gas content, unstable inflow and high DLS which all contribute to particularly complex conditions. The target was to increase the run-life of submersible equipment and energy-saving while holding the optimum production level.

-70% energy saving UHS ESP, -50% total cost of ownership economy at field in Republic of the Congo, Central Africa


Client has been developing the onshore oilfield in the Republic of Congo (Central Africa) since 2007. The reservoir is located at 6,880 ft TVD (2,097 m TVD). Downhole temperature is 216 °F (100 °C). The operated well is completed with 7″ (177,8 mm) API Casing.

The complicating factors:

The previous standard ESP’s MTBF was 246 days and did not provide the required fluid production. For this reason, Client reached out to us to optimize their well operation by:

1) reducing power consumption from huge 39.1 kW*h/m3/day;

2) steadying production rate;

3) increasing the run-life of equipment.

Following a detailed analysis, we proposed installing UHS-600 system designed for an NP flow range of from 280 to 720 bblpd with 500 bblpd at BEP (from 45 to 115 m3/d with 80 m3/d at BEP).

In February 2019 Lex team arrived Congo to perform a pre-installation check, train the local engineering team and conduct an installation of the UHS ESPTM.

To mitigate the extreme weather conditions experienced in the Congo, we developed special design of the surface equipment to maintain the temperature of the VSD internal electronics This solved the issue of failure due to overheating.

Installation of the UHS ESPTM took an hour, which is around eight times faster than previous installations at this well. This is possible because the UHS ESPTM system is fully assembled and tested at the manufacturing facility, before being delivered direct to the field. At this point only MLE connection and protectolizers positioning are required.

The results obtained so far have already proven the high potential of Lex UHS ESPTM to optimize production and provide operational benefits in even the most challenging environments.


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