Lex Solution for SRP power saving up to 35% in harsh well conditions

Solution for SRP power saving up to 35% in harsh well conditions

Sucker rod pumps with a V-belt drive and an asynchronous motor are the main method of operating in most wells in the world. However, the low efficiency of the asynchronous motor and power loss that accompanies torque transmission in the V-belt system results in high overall power consumption. Our optimized power-saving solution, which replaces the asynchronous motor with the SynchroGear™ PMM technology, allows us to cut down energy costs by more than one third.

Solution for SRP power saving up to 35% in harsh well conditions

About 75% of artificial lifts worldwide use the sucker rod pump with the V-belt transmission and asynchronous motor. This system is simple and easy to service, yet it has low efficiency, can be unreliable in design, and has limited controllability.

In the sucker rod pump, the rods are connected to the horsehead, which moves up and down through the crank-and-rod system being induced by the gearbox torque, driving the submersible cavity pump. The asynchronous motor drives the gearbox via the v-belt gear, precisely where the maximum power loss occurs. The torque transmission from the asynchronous motor to the gearbox shaft requires significant energy and carries a high risk of failure because of its inability to respond to emerging complications in the production process.

Since the introduction of the sucker rod pump, no transformative improvements have been made to this technology in the last 70 years. 

We have re-designed the torque gear transmission and sucker rod pump operation to create an innovative solution, the SynchroGearTM. This technology is highly efficient and utilizes a smart control station in place of the asynchronous motor.

The PMM saves power by reducing the electric and magnetic losses to gain overall efficiency.

We mount the stator on the gearbox body and put the rotor on its intake shaft so the motor directly transmits the torque to the gearbox. This solution eliminates the need for the low-efficiency v-belt gear with an asynchronous motor.

The Variable Speed Drive reacts to any change of current capacity during motor operation and adapts the pumping rate and lag to the existing conditions of the well. In case of emergency, it can completely shut down the pump automatically under a preset program.

The SynchroGearTM technology offers a power saving of up to 35%, stabilizes the submersible plunger pump operation, and decreases downtime associated with v-belt drives.


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