Lex Thru-Tubing ESP  (TT ESP™) that cable deployed through 3.5"

Thru-Tubing ESP (TT ESP™)

We have developed the upgraded Lex Thru-Tubing ESP  (TT ESP™) that is cable deployed through the 3.5" (89 mm) tubing. The system can quickly resume production in idle or non-operating wells caused by planned maintenance or pump failure. Compact TT ESP™ is riglessly cable-deployed into the tubing through the wellhead. The technology successfully replaces an expensive workover and prevents clogging of the bottom-hole area without killing fluid. The high nameplate operating speed (12,000 rpm) of the ESP and PMM ensure a compact design and much easier installation.

Thru-Tubing ESP (TT ESP™)



Downtime of wells caused by pump failure results in multimillion losses for oil-producing companies. The workover can take from one week to six months in some cases, often due to delays in the arrival of the workover crew, disassembly and replacement of the submersible equipment and commissioning.

We have developed an advanced solution that is especially effective for offshore, hard-to-access, or remote fields. A compact TT ESP™ system (up to 12,000 rpm), 29.5 ft (9 nine meters long), is cable-deployed through the wellhead lubricator. The system can reduce downtime by 80% and resume production in just a few hours.

The cable deployed TT ESP™ technology is essentially a system where the components are inverted in comparison with standard ESP: VSD – motor – seal section – gas separator – pump – packer. 

The system components

Thru-Tubing ESP




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