Lex Solution to cut CAPEX by 30% slim wells drilling & install UHS ESP

Solution to cut CAPEX by 30% in slim wells drilling and install the UHS ESP without well-kill operation

Slim casing 5.5" (146 mm) wells and wells with cable deployed thru-tubing ESPs need special smaller-size equipment with the desired capacity level and high reliability. Our advanced solution is the 12,000 rpm Ultra-High-Speed ESP™ by Lex, whose dimensions provide cable deployment both through the casing of 5.5" (146 mm) or tubing of 3.5" (89 mm).

Solution to cut CAPEX by 30% in slim wells drilling and install the UHS ESP without well-kill operation

Slim well drilling reduces the total drilling costs, including transportation and energy consumption, by up to 50%. This is why oil companies often use this approach to extract residual oil reserves 

However, oil companies with slim wells 5.5″ (146 mm) or those that require cable deployed installation thru-tubing face challenges sourcing ESPs that meet the desired reliability, size, productivity, and head.

Wells often sit idle awaiting suitable equipment, incurring significant losses in the process. Alternatively, an oil company may choose to use other technologies like small-size sucker rod pumps with a surface drive. This technology does not unlock the potential of the well.

We have developed an innovative solution, a compact high-speed (up to 12,000 rpm) electric submersible pumping system (ESP) 29.5 ft (9 m) long. It can be cable-deployed thru slim casing or tubing through the wellhead lubricator without the need for well-killing. The minimum casing size is 3.5″ (89 mm).

Our first-of-its-kind UHS ESPTM by Lex, capable of up to 12,000 rpm, is based on aerospace industry research and technology. The system is safe for deployment through slim casings and increases resistance to harsh environments (gas, solids, deviations, etc.)

The implementation of our solution can reduce to cut drilling CAPEX by up to 30% (given the initial slim well planning) as well as decrease OPEX by saving time on pulling-and-running operations and dismantling/assembly of equipment. The system also reduces the risk of failure due to complicating factors and the resulting downtime.


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