Lex – Turbox Gaslift System

Turbox Gaslift System

To solve production problems in wells experiencing depletion of reservoir energy after the gas-lift operation, we have developed the Turbox gas lift pump. The system creates deep drawdown and avoids electricity use in the well by replacing the electric motor with a gas turbine. This works in combination with the innovative Lex Ultra-High-Speed centrifugal pump operating at speeds up to 15,000 rpm.

Turbox Gaslift System



Over time, with intensive field development, well conditions can deteriorate; there’s a risk of flooding and reservoir and bottom-hole pressures may decrease if there are no or ineffective reservoir pressure maintenance systems in place.  These complications can lead to motor operation problems when running under part-load, such as overheating and breakdown.

To address these issues in gas-lift wells, Lex engineers developed the Turbox gaslift system. The system uses the existing gaslift infrastructure – a compressor injecting oil or natural hydrocarbon gas.

The Turbox Gaslift System is an upgraded and modernized gaslift that uses a combination of our UHS ESPTM and turbines instead of a motor. Gas is injected into annulus, entering the gas turbine’s stages, creating torque in its shaft and driving a centrifugal pump. A gas lift valve at the top of the wellhead assembly is optional but may be required when selecting equipment on a case-by-case basis. Rigless deployment is available either with a slick line or coil tubing.

Turbox technology avoids the use of electricity in the well, improves pumping efficiency and gains production with Lex UHS ESPTM with an operating speed up to 15,000 rpm. The technology also holds the required drawdown against the minimum gas injection pressure.


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