Lex Solution to reduce failure risk in wells with high solids

Solution to reduce failure risk in wells with high solids content

One of the major complicating factors in the artificial lift is the high solids content accelerating wear and reducing equipment performance. Our solution based on the Lex Ultra-High-Speed ESP (UHS ESP™) provides sustained performance of equipment at a solids content of up to 2,000 ppm (2,000 mg/l).

Solution to reduce failure risk in wells with high solids content

During the Solution to failure risk in wells operation, mechanical impurities are carried out from the formation into the well with the fluid. These solids are abrasives of reservoir rock, salts, unfixed proppants, solid inclusions from killing fluids, and corrosion products of downhole equipment.

Often, solids emissions have a voluminous nature, and the content of such solids may reach ultra-high values. The solids, getting into the pump, subject it to abrasive wear, clog the operating devices, block the movement of the shaft and lead to its breakdown.

To limit the impact of solids, expensive wear-resistant equipment, upstream devices, and regular flushing of a submersible pump are usually used. This means idling equipment during this process, incurring loss in production and profits.

Our solution is based on the Lex Ultra-High-Speed ESPs (UHS ESPTM ). By leveraging its modular design and using hard alloys and ceramic friction pairs to provide steady operation against the solids content of up to 2,000 ppm (2,000 mg/l), our technology can withstand four times the limits set by standard equipment.

Implementation of our solution reduces the risk of equipment failures, unforced downtime for workover, and potential production loss by 40%.


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