Lex 30 power saving operation with Lex Ultra-High-Speed(UHS) ESP

-30% power saving, the operation in the well with UHS ESP harsh conditions is stabled at fields in Romania, Eastern Europe

Romanian field is another good example of successful well production optimization in harsh conditions with high gas content and an unstable inflow. We replaced the progressive cavity pump (PCP) with Lex Ultra-High-Speed ESP (UHS ESP™) for the largest Romanian oil and gas producer in East Europe. The project aimed to stabilize equipment operation in this depleted well complicated by a high gas content. We were also tasked with reducing total power consumption.

-30% power saving, the operation in the well with UHS ESP harsh conditions is stabled at fields in Romania, Eastern Europe


Our client, the largest oil and gas producer in East Europe, contacted us to improve the existing equipment operation, optimize power consumption, and decrease the installation time of submersible equipment at their field.

The oil field reservoir is located at 3,600 ft MD (1,100 m MD). The reservoir temperature is up to 194-212 °F (90-100 °C), the operating well is completed with a 7″ (177,8 mm) API Casing, and reservoir pressure is below bubble-point pressure (gas forms in the reservoir).

The complicating factors:

Lex has worked on the UHS ESPTM System project with the client since 2018. The client provided information on well completion, inflow performance and PVT, previous equipment operation, and well intervention history allowing Lex engineers to carefully analyze data and prepare a comprehensive design, developing solutions to solve for each existing well issue.

The previous progressive cavity pump did not meet the client’s oil recovery and power efficiency requirements. So, it was decided to replace the PCP with UHS ESPTM – UHS-600 system with flow range from 280 to 720 bblpd at 500 bblpd at BEP (from 45 to 115 m3/d with 80 m3/d at BEP).

The Client approved our recommended approach because of the unique advantages of the UHS ESPTM system over competitors:

Following the delivery of equipment to the well by the transport company, our team of engineers supervised the system’s installation and commissioning, including pre-installation checks, on-site installation, start-up, and ramping-up and ongoing monitoring to ensure stable and efficient production. Also, to help the client’s engineers become more familiar with the unique technology of UHS ESPTM, we conducted regular training both in the office and in the field.

The client was delighted with the results achieved. This project has fully proven the effectiveness of Lex Ultra-High-Speed ESP (UHS ESPTM) in harsh conditions of the Romanian field.


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